Breathingman – Arttu Lipsonen


Arttu ”Breathingman” Lipsonen has a long background in coaching in the wellness market. He is one of the leading breathing coaches in Finland facilitating events and individual breathing sessions both face-to face and online.

But why breathing? 

”Well, breathing brings great results. That’s why US Navy Seals do it. Some clients want to experience better performance and concentration at work. Others need tools for relaxation, better sleep quality or stress management. Simple tools that really work. I use mostly techniques backed up by science and you will experience the power of breath already in the first session. If you ask me, regular breathing practice is the best thing you can do for your immunity and health on the long run.”


Events and Sessions

I offer breathing consultations in Tampere or online via Zoom or Skype. First session consists of simple breathing tests, screening of your current situation and individually tailored program towards better health. (Breathing, food, execise & meditation)

One session: 120 € (VAT 0 %)

3 sessions: Breathingman Relax 300 € (Vat 0%)

5 sessions: Breathingman Protocol 500 € (Vat 0 %)

10 sessions: Breathingman Protocol 950 € (Vat 0%)



Arttu Lipsonen

+358 40 590 2869

arttu.lipsonen (at) gmail.com



Customer feedback

“Brainfog and difficulties to concentrate disappeared within one week just by changing my breathing patterns. My sleep quality improved a lot only by swiching to nasal breathing on the night. I recommend Breathingman for all but especially if one has work related stress”

-Otto Lindh, Real Estate Manager-

“My breathing was quite shallow and mostly chest breathing. I got quick results and my whole breathing pattern has changed. When I want more energy, I do a strong exercise and when I want to relax, I do more gentle techniques. Stress levels have dropped, I sleep better and exercising at gym and at jogging trail has become more enjoyable. In short, daily breathing practice has improved my life quality enormously. Thank you!”

-Mapu Narvinen, Coach